Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Kelly Monaco and Mel B leaving "Peep Show"

"Peepshow" will have two new leads by the end of this month -- former Spice Girl Mel B is leaving too.
She declined an extension and will end her contract June 22. Kelly Monaco made it official last month.

Scott Zeiger; Co-CEO of BASE Entertainment, confirmed the departure of Mel B and refuted British newspaper reports that she was furious that her contract wasn't extended.
"It has always been our plan to feature rotating celebrities in 'Peepshow' to keep the spirit of the show fresh and new," Zeiger said in an e-mail.
"That said, we love Mel and she is terrific in the role as 'Peep Diva.' We discussed with Mel the possibility of an extension and perhaps she will return to the show some day, however, we simply could not make the show and Mel’s schedules align at this time.”Who will follow has yet to be announced- I vote for Megan Fox.

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