Saturday, December 19, 2009

Casino Carpet - More Than Just Decor

Today I was considering what type of carpet I should buy to redecorate my apartment. I was interested in something that represented a casino atmosphere so I Googled Casino Carpet and came across a site with pics of casino carpet from modern to down right gawdy. At Aria, Encore and Palazzo,the current trend seems to be modern, earth tones.
Aria Casino

Aria Poker

Golden Nugget

"Casino carpet is known as an exercise in deliberate bad taste that somehow encourages people to gamble," David Schwartz, director of the Center for Gaming Research at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, wrote in an essay.Venetian

Casino carpeting is a hobby for Schwartz. He has posted shots of casino carpets throughout the nation on his Web site They're wild and bright and follow a Nevada tradition that at least dates back to places such as Reno's Riverside Hotel Casino in the 1930s.New York, New York

"There is a practicality side to it, too," Hughes said. "You don't want a real plain carpet because people drop cigarettes on it and spill drinks on it."Monte Carlo

The long-held tradition is that loud carpeting makes people look up and somehow rivet attention on slot machines and table games, some experts said.Tropicana

"I think there is something to that," said Bill Eadington, director of Institute for the Study of Gambling and Commercial Gaming at the University of Nevada. "It is the same thing as putting canopies on tops of (gambling) tables, which has become popular. That lowers the ceiling. People don't look up at the spaciousness and concentrate more where the action is."Las Vegas Hilton Space Quest Casino

Finding subtle ways of keeping eyes focused on the gambling machines follows a business tradition that dates back long before Reno and Las Vegas became gambling cities, other experts said.Las Vegas Hilton
Binions Casino

Schwartz is more straightforward in his essay about the subliminal role carpet plays in Las Vegas resorts: "Note the regal tones of Caesars Palace, the bountiful bouquet of Mandalay Place, the soft, almost abstract pointillism of Paris, all whispering, gamble, gamble, just out of the range of consciousness as people walk to the nearest slot machine," Schwartz wrote.Plaza -Downtown

My favorite is between kooky, retro Plaza carpet and the gaming themed Slots O Fun of course...They are both equally as awful.
Slots O Fun

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