Monday, December 13, 2010

Corey Feldmans Rock Star Dreams Crushed

From If Corey Feldman throws a concert and no one is there to hear it, does he still make a noise?

From The Globe:
Actor-turned-rocker Corey Feldman, 39, was brought to tears after his concert tour failed to draw a crowd and was ultimately canceled because of poor ticket sales. Corey, who fronts a band called Truth Movement, cried backstage at the House of Blues in Las Vegas when just 20 fans showed up to watch him perform. His next show in L.A. drew about 50 people- but about half of those were family and friends! Afterward, Live Nation pulled the plug on The Lost Boy’s remaining performances and sources say he’s devastated. “It’s an utter embarrassment for Corey, who expected to be a big rock star,” says my insider. “Now he wants to get back to making movies and is talking about a Goonies sequel.”
You have to give the guy props for trying...LVG

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