Monday, June 13, 2011

Nevada SPCA Pet Of The Week- Gabriella & Bernadette

Gabriella is most likely Poodle & Terrier mixes, age 3.
Shy girl blossoming, Poodle & Terrier mix, spayed. These gentle girls suffered years of unconscionable neglect in their previous home. They were surrendered for rescue only upon imminent fear of prosecution for animal cruelty.

Previously unloved, they arrived with dimmed spirits and no hope of ever having much human contact. We shaved them down and had them professionally groomed, revealing the little angels under the filth and knots in their old coats.

Bernadette is a Wheaton Terrier mix, 5 years of age. Bothgirls are now spayed and ready for adoption.

Seeking loving, forever homes where they will know every day that they are cherished and adored. They are building trust and the sparkles are beginning to return to their eyes.

They can be adopted and they will do best with a big brother or big sister dog to help them adjust.
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