Monday, August 8, 2011

Jamie Jungers Busted For D.U.I In Las Vegas

TMZ reported former Las Vegas movie extra and former Tiger Woods mistress, Jamie Jungers was involved in a car accident Friday morning on the corner of Tropicana and Lindell. Cops arrested Jungers for driving on a suspended registration, having no proof of insurance, and driving under the influence.

She was taken into custody and has since posted bond.

Jamie Jungers was crowned Miss Mistress on the Howard Stern show.

Winning the $75,000 first prize , getting that crown and a bouquet of roses mounted on a golf club. And what will she do with the prize money? Jungers said she planned to use the $75K to move her family to Las Vegas.

When interviewed about her affair with Woods, Jamie claimed that Tiger is cheap.

She said she once asked Tiger for some money to pay her rent and he told her no way. "I felt trapped. I said can you please help me I said I don't know what else to do and I'm already embarrassed to ask you and he said I can't. I stopped being with him after that after 18 months," Jungers said. But that wasn't all. The man raking in millions from sponsorships never even bought her nice presents and when he flew her out to see him it was on Southwest, in coach. "He was cheap. He never tipped at restaurants. It embarrassed me," Jungers said.

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