Sunday, September 4, 2011

"The Jewelers Of Las Vegas" Reality Show Casting

The producers of American Chopper and the owners of Las Vegas’ most celebrated jewelry store, The Jewelers Inc., want YOU to become one of THE FIRST FEATURED CUSTOMERS on their new, unscripted TV show for a major cable network.

If you live in or near the Vegas area, have a jewelry purchase in mind and want to appear on the show as a customer this September, you will receive a sizeable discount on your jewelry from this famed jeweler (

Producers are looking for fun, outgoing people with interesting, funny or emotional stories behind their jewelry purchases. Do you need to replace or refurbish a lost, treasured heirloom? Do you have a strange, unusual or extravagant custom order? Are you surprising someone with a uniquely designed piece? Rings, necklaces, tiaras, watches, urns… All ideas and stories are welcome!

To apply for this opportunity, please email with your name, phone number, location, a recent photo of yourself and a brief description of your jewelry purchase and why it would be interesting for our show. Filming begins in Las Vegas this September. So please apply TODAY!

* Please do not contact the store directly!!!

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