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Megan Fox

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Megan fox wallpapers Megan fox wallpapers Megan fox wallpapers Megan fox wallpapers

Megan Fox captured the eyes of movie enthusiasts with her latest silver screen appearance in the box office hit- Transformers. Alongside her love interest Shia LaBeouf, who played the lead role Sam Witwicky, Megan caught the attention of the audience with her sleek body oozing with $exiness and appeal. Although a lot of critics would say she short on her acting prowess (who needs talent if you look as hot as Megan?!), she managed to make herself a big hit by adding just the right amount of hot and spice to her Mikaela Banes character in the Transformers movie.
Megan Denise Fox was born in May 16, 1986 at Tennessee, USA. This 5’6" standing regal beauty started to show her inclination for Hollywood at the young age of five. She started her dancing and acting training at a very early age. When she turned 10, Megan moved in to Florida and continued her academic and acting training. At the age of 13, she started modeling for various brands and even managed to grab recognitions for modeling. She has won one of the awards in the America Model and Talent Convention in Southern Carolina back in 1999.
Megan’s acting career started when she made a debut in the film Holiday in the Sun last 2001. She played Brianna Wallace alongside Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. You possibly recognized here in her appearance in the movie Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen with Lindsay Lohan. She also played a character in the TV sitcom, Hope and Faith. She also has several appearances in the soap opera Ocean Ave and a few episodes in What I Like About You.
A lot of people would tell you that she looks a lot like Angelina Jolie. But with Megan’s continued popularity, there is no stopping her from gracing magazine spreads and headliners. With the entire buzz going out for Megan Fox and because of her natural foxiness, she started landing on magazine pages including a photo spread spot at FHM in 2005. With the exposure she was getting and thousands of fans to back her up, Megan managed to grab the no. 68 spot on FHM’s 100 $exiest Women of 2006. As though she has become an FHM favorite, she posted for the magazine for another spread in its March issue.
Clad in just a brassiere against in an intriguing white-dominated space- this is usual look of Megan Fox FHM’s poses. Her presence can instantly turn a bathroom or a bedroom into heaven, which is a good contrast alongside Megan’s commanding $exiness.
Posing almost bare-n*ked in most magazines, a lot of people are intrigued with Megan’s display of tattoo art. She has a total of five artworks on her skin. She has a personal poem on her ribcage, a star on her ankle, a Shakespeare line on her shoulder blade, a Monroe on her forearm and a "Brian" tattoo just above her thingy.
Who’s "Brian"? Brian Austin Green, the guy from Beverly Hills 90210, is Megan’s long-term boyfriend and fiancĂ©. When talking about the Brian tattoo, Megan would always say, she could always name her kid Brian, just in case their relationship wouldn’t work out.
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