Monday, September 20, 2010

Paris Sentenced In Las Vegas Bust...Still Pathetic

Paris Hilton sashayed into court as if she were walking a red carpet,its become her signature Perp Walk. She spoke to the judge in her admitted "fake voice" that she uses when she is playing "the character Paris" not the real Paris. The judge forced her to admit that she did posses cocaine and lied about the purse "not being hers" That would be the Chanel bag that she tweeted a photo of just a few weeks prior. The judge sentenced her to informal probation, a $2000.00 fine,community service and drug classes. He let her know that if she is arrested again , she will go straight to the clink for a year. So, odds are we will get to see Paris on Real T.V.s "Las Vegas Jail".
See the video here

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