Monday, September 20, 2010

Wayne Newton To Open "Casa de Shenandoah " For Public Tours

Wayne Newton will hold a neighborhood meeting today to discuss his plans to open his home named "Casa de Shenandoah" to the public for a Graceland style tour.The singer has plans for a 300-seat dinner theatre just north of his property; the show will include a tour of his home. Plagued by financial difficulties for years, Newton has recently been the subject of a lawsuit that had Clark County sheriff's deputies and a fleet of moving vans waiting outside the home but were refused entry to Newton's ranch at E. Sunset and S. Pecos roads. The officers attempted to serve civil papers and seize property as part of a $501,388 judgment against Newton awarded to Monty Ward, his former personal pilot, but security personnel employed by Newton refused to accept the papers. Ward, who filed suit in 2006, won the judgment for past-due wages in January 2009 and since then had attempted to garnish the wages of Newton when he performed at the MGM Grand and later the Tropicana hotel-casino. As of 27 January 2010, the value of the judgment was reportedly growing at a rate of $126.86 per day. Waynes Newtons home sits on 38-acre property and is also called "Graceland West" in honor of Elvis Presley.

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