Sunday, November 21, 2010

Stupid Is As Paris Does...

Hundreds looked on as the hotel heiress Paris Hilton painted walls on streets of the famous Hollywood Boulevard as part of the 200 hours of the community service which she is supposed to undergo as part of her sentence.
Earlier this year, Paris Hilton was arrested on the charges of carrying drugs when bagged cocaine slipped from her purse at Wynn Las Vegas hotel in Las Vegas. The police arrested her immediately and Hilton pleaded guilty in court for the two charges.
As part of her sentence, she was to pay a fine of $2,000, devote 200 hours to community service, and face one year’s suspended sentence. She was one of many criminals scrubbing graffiti from the walls in Hollywood, the reality show star joined the ranks attired in a bright yellow t-shirt, the words Hollywood Los Angeles Beautification Team were clearly imprinted across the back of her t-shirt.

However, she clearly stood apart from the rest of them, with her huge fashionable sunglasses, stilettos and huge hooped earrings.

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