Friday, April 15, 2011

Candace Bailey Sizzles In Maxim

It takes some serious hotness and moxy to fill Olivia Munn’s shoes on Attack of the Show, but sexy little minx Candace Bailey has done so and then some. Here she is scorching up the pages of the newest issue of Maxim magazine, and making us hardly miss Olivia Munn. Hey, don’t get me wrong; I absolutely worship “The Queen of All Nerdome”, but her time was up on AOTS, and I couldn’t be happier with Candace. I’m totally digging everything about this babe, and that especially goes for her drop dead sexy little body… lord have mercy!

And you can see said drop dead sexy little body in all of its glory in the photos, and in shwingtastic motion in the drool-inducing video. Enjoy, and make sure to head over to Maxim’s website and AOTS’ website for more Candace Bailey hotness!

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