Monday, April 18, 2011

Miranda Kerr First MILFtastic Bikini Shoot for Victoria’s Secret Comeback!

Be still my fudgesicle filled heart! Miranda Kerr, so near and dear to the blood flow of our loins, has birthed her baby by way of actor fop, and returned her body to bikini readiness for her first photoshoot for Victoria's Secret since becoming what will surely be an immediate Top 10 Hottest MILF placement on any sane list. Miranda Kerr bikini pictures... Wow. WOW! How I've missed Miranda Kerr, like a baby misses its binky, a soothing bit of nippletastic oral de-stress that restores order to the human nervous system. I'm glad you can't see me crying here, tears of joy, sobs of euphoria, wallows of unbridled giddiness at the return of our Aussie goddess with that body, those eyes, OMG. Enjoy.

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