Thursday, April 14, 2011

Lily Aldridge Is A Sexy Little Bride (Updated)

Hold on to your hats my peeps, because you’re about to expedience pure bliss. Remember those “Sexy Little Bride” lingerie photos from Victoria’s Secret featuring the uber shwingtastic Lily Aldridge that I posted a while back? Yeah, the ones that left you a drooling zombie. Well, here’s the brand spanking new accompanying video, and it’s a sizzler. Hot damn, is it ever! And not only is the video a sizzle-fest, but seeing Lily prancing and squirming around in “wedding night” lingerie has actually made a proud bachelor like myself consider settling down. Well, at least for the honeymoon. And with Lily specifically. Enjoy!

Update: We Just Got HQ Gallery Lily Aldridge is Sexy Bride For Your Eyes on, Check Out:

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