Sunday, April 17, 2011

Jesse Lee Denning Looks Amazing for Inked USA April 2011

The lovely Jesse Denning is a walking work of art—through God’s hands and the needles of tattoo artists. Her love for aesthetics runs deep, as she has worked in a number of New York City galleries, including Invisible NYC, the tattoo studio and art gallery she once owned a stake in. And as her impressive collection of ink attests, she appreciates art for art’s sake. “There are aspects to all periods, genres, and artists that I like—or that I can at least find interesting and certainly relevant in terms of a time line,” she says. “I have a soft spot for La Belle Époque, turn-of-the-century culture, arts, and literature. It was such a vibrant, progressive—yet sensual and transitional—period in terms of art and culture.”

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