Saturday, March 19, 2011

Jennifer Lopez -High Maintenance @ Mirage Hotel

Jennifer Lopez may get visibly moved by contestants on Idol, if you've been watching a little this season she’s doing a great job at changing her image. Those diva stories just won’t die, though. The National Enquirer reports this week that she was so demanding while staying at the Mirage in Vegas during Idol auditions that “she was one of the most difficult celebrities the staff had ever encountered.”

“Within five minutes of her arrival, her assistant had demanded two cribs for her 3-year-old twins, Max and Emme. A runner from the show was quickly sent out to buy cribs and assemble them, and that was explained to Jennifer. But within minutes, she called down to reception wanting to know where they were,” said the insider.
In the next hour, the impatient 41 year-old singer called 20 times demanding the cribs.

“She was boiling with rage that they weren’t ready - but it was the responsibility of ‘Idol’ producers to provide her cribs, not the hotel. She was every bit the prima donna.”

After the cribs arrived, J.Lo turned her attention to her wardrobe.

“She ordered 12 racks for her wardrobe changes, 20 mirrors and a ton of spotlights for her makeup team,” said the insider.

“There were around 50 people in her villa dealing with her makeup, hair and wardrobe - but the funny part is, she wore only two outfits during the entire two days of filming!”

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