Saturday, March 26, 2011

Nevada SPCA Pet Of The Week- Faith

In the parking lot of a government-funded shelter getting ready to bring a truck-load of rescued animals to Nevada SPCA, they came across a woman holding a 10-day old puppy who was near death, fading away and cold to the touch. The woman told us a guitar was accidentally dropped on the dog's head and she was bringing the puppy to the government-funded shelter to have her put to sleep.

She agreed to give them the dog instead so they could try to save her life. Nevada SPCA rushed her into an emergency veterinary hospital and then said many prayers. Her chances seemed dim because of brain swelling, but this angel pulled through beautifully and was placed in a foster home for continued recovery and bottle-feeding.

Her bame "Faith". She has fully recovered and blossomed brilliantly! She cuddles, gives kisses, and she is as endearing and social as anyone could have hoped.
Information about adoption HERE

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