Sunday, March 27, 2011

Nicci Pisarri hand-bra so freakin' hot

Here’s the criminally underrated Nicci Pisarri looking ridiculously hot in these new photos from Strobe magazine that will surely make you all remember her name. Now… even though this girl has been featured on our site many, many months ago, I still remember how amazed I was when I’ve seen the first photos with her.

And I’m just as impressed right now as I was a couple of months ago when I gawk at these new wonderful photos. This uber sweetie is hot enough to take your breath away with her groovy little body and after you will check out any of these photos you will see why we like her so much.

She surely deserves more attention from us all but, unlike other models out there, this girl is also a full time student majoring in Interior Design. Which means she’s also pretty smart, probably fun and creative and … freaking hot, exactly the right qualities of a girl that I’d bring home to meet mom. Oh yeah.

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