Thursday, March 31, 2011

Vince Neil May Be Charged With Battery

Vince Neil was involved in an altercation with former girlfriend Alicia Jacobs on March 24th at the Las Vegas Hilton that may result in criminal battery charges. Las Vegas Police are recommending the charges after Jacobs accused Neil of accosting her and some friends at a comedy show and "poking" her in the arm with his finger leaving a small red mark
Vince Neil claims Jacobs was the aggressor and that she scratched Vince in the arm leaving a bloody gash. The two were romantically involved for about 7 months until just about a month ago when Alicia Jacobs issued a press release that said she was ending the relationship due to Vinces lifestyle. TMZ first posted pictures of Jacobs alleged "injury", followed by the pic below of Vince Neils arm showing a small scratch mark.


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