Saturday, April 2, 2011

Charlie Sheen Bombs In Detroit

The following Tweets are posted by people that attended the debut Charlie Sheens 22-show, month long "Violent Torpedo of Truth" tour at Detroit's Fox Theatre.

•If you went to the sheen show tonight, did you really expect anything else? #detsheen

ChadVerwey 14 minutes ago
•Charlie Bombs, Detroit Burns... #detsheen #sotospeak #winning

Barracuda_Bob 15 minutes ago
•Epic fail! A guy is yelling "Reee fund!" Like a red wings chant #detsheen

swhitall 17 minutes ago
•Crowd is chanting charlie charlie but he is gone now, again #detsheen

swhitall 20 minutes ago
•Sounds like Charlie has slightly less talent than that Sanjaya dude. #detsheen

ronlippitt 18 minutes ago
•Oh wait he's gone #detsheen

ChristosMo 22 minutes ago
•RT @erykamarie: RT @berniesmilovitz: The dead guy on the Weekend at Bernie's movie would be better than this. #DETSheen

DRUNKENMAS 22 minutes ago
•OUCH. Anyone have footage of the epic disaster that is the #TruthTorpedo? Links please. #detsheen

detroitredesign 23 minutes ago
•Wait he is back #detsheen

swhitall 25 minutes ago
•So I guess Charlie Sheen needed those writers he thinks sucked after all. #detsheen

digitalvision 26 minutes ago
•Question: Does the Sheen tour even continue at this point? Why would it? #detSheen

grahamorama 28 minutes ago
•#detsheen so did he just walk off stage?? Like... People started throwing tomatoes, he ducked and then left? #charliesheen

JodyZink 12 minutes ago
•@charliesheen I have a feeling you will be going straight to Chicago tonight. People in Detroit are not happ #detsheen

ChristosMo 28 minutes ago
•Overheard at #detsheen "Wow.... still not as bad as Two and a Half Men". #yesimmakingthatup

mipolitico 29 minutes ago
•Charlie should have called his show "2 and a half jokes" #detsheen #notwinning

_ChristianFrank 31 minutes ago
•@detnews They're calling it "two and a half minutes"

mark_watton 31 minutes ago
•And it appears to be over with no goodbye!#detsheen

swhitall 32 minutes ago
•@nikkistephan No. However, glad that people who paid $80 to enjoy Charlie Sheen's breakdown, are feeling hollow and let down.

telephase 30 minutes ago
•“@bastanton: And now it's official. @ppvitale and I have left the building. #detsheen...FAIL.”

ppvitale 34 minutes ago
•Sheen quits on Detroit. #detsheen

Bill_Shea19 35 minutes ago
•Please don't let me and the competition and the guy from vanity fair be the last people in here...#detsheen

swhitall 37 minutes ago
•Can somebody send cots and blankets in? Oh good now it's a video of snoop rapping

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