Thursday, April 7, 2011

Eurasian Hottie Jessica Gomes In Lingerie for Cosmo Down Under

I think Jessica Gomes may hold the record for number of times bodypainted in the SI Swimsuit editions; I haven't done much artwork since my own finger painting days back in kindergarten, if only I could somehow offer up my manual arts experience to cover Jessica for her next photoshoot.

This Portuguese-Chinese model and reality TV star in Korea offered up her body in sweet silky lingerie for the pages of Cosmo Australia this month and, well, it certainly has me considering some intimate ethnic blending of my own. According to scientists, in a few hundred years, the entire human race will be one heterogeneous blend of ancestral backgrounds. I'm thinking that if we put our minds (and bodies) to it, we can easily cut that time in half. Enjoy.

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