Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Genevieve Morton Knows How to Show Her Sexy Places for Esquire

Esquire stellar "Me in My Place" series rolls on today with Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue model Genevieve Morton, who shows off not only her incredible body but also her pretty sweet pad. One can only guess why she sprung for the shag rug in front of the couch. Here's my one quibble with Genevieve in this shoot: What's with the bangs? I know it's a fashion-shooty style, but if there's one look I dislike on a girl, no matter how hot she is, it's bangs.

If you look at all of the shots, Genevieve looks so much hotter when her hair is off her forehead. Am I the only guy out there with a strong anti-bangs bias? How many times have you seen an attractive girl at a bar or walking down the street only to think, man, I wish she'd lose those bangs? Is it just me? And ladies, why do you always come back to this style? Anyway, more hot photos and a video of Genevieve, are after the jump.

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