Friday, April 1, 2011

Monika Pietrasinska looking her absolute sexiest

Holy mother of Batman! I’ve missed this peach like a retard misses the point. It’s been a while since we’ve had the pleasure of gawking at Polish supermodel Monika Pietrasinska showing off her ridiculously sexy body in lingerie but now she’s finally back in our minds and dreams with a new amazing photoshoot.

So… Here are a whole bunch of new Monika Pietrasinska lingerie pictures from a jaw dropping photoshoot for the newest collection of Alles Lingerie. Now I could probably go on and on about how freaking hot Monika looks in these photos, especially in the top photo, and how she is one of the most gorgeous hotties that most of us haven’t heard of, but that would be a complete waste of your time considering the magnitude of hotness in this photoshoot.

So, enjoy the sizzling photos, and make sure to check out our articles for even more Monika Pietrasinska hotness. PS: Don’t ask me who’s the other girl from some of the pics because I don’t have a clue… Cheers.

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