Monday, April 4, 2011

Monika Pietrasinska looks damn hot for Livia Corsetti Lingerie

Holy mother of Batman! It’s been a while since we’ve last featured Polish supermodel Monika Pietrasinska on our site and I have to say I really missed gushing over her bodacious curves. This peach impressed so much last year that… we even named her the sexiest “new” hottie of 2010 and now she’s back in our minds and dreams with a new scorching hot photoshoot.

So, here’s the uber hot Monika Pietrasinska looking absolutely stunning and unleashing her perfect curves in really skimpy lingerie for Livia Corsetti. Now we had a few posts with Monika looking like her usual hot little self in lingerie in the past, but these pics are waaay sexier. In fact, some of the pics from this photoshoot were just too sexy to bare and we just couldn’t post them here because we don’t want you to go gaga for a whole day.

But we’ve picked the safe for work photos and I’m pretty sure you’ll be all over them as well. Hot damn, this peach is hands down one of, if not the, sexiest babes on the planet right now. Enjoy, and try not to drool all over yourselves. And… in case you want to see even more, try to google this photoshoot because you’ll find a lot of see-through pics where you can basically gawk at every inch of her perfect little body.

Click on Pics to gallery for more (Nudity Note)

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